1) B&B CustoMask Treatment

  • Using World 1st Customised Microbiome Mask
  • Customization of prescribe treatment by taking A.I. testing online

The magic potions that heal, hydrate, restore, and protect the skin.

Different Activated Concentrates contain different bases – milk, honey, oil, jelly, and gel concentrates – to penetrate deeply and to nourish the skin from within. Each Activated Concentrate works in harmony with different Diffusion Masks, to deliver specific results, for specific combinations of skin types and skin conditions.

WOW! 5 Treatment

2) BlemishAway Skin Treatment

  • Acne prone skin
  • Results can be seen from the first treatment. To maintain these results, it is recommended to start with 2 to 3 treatments within one week, followed by one maintenance treatment per month.

Although acne is most commonly experienced by teenagers and younger adults, it can affect anyone at any age. Hormones, genetics, lifestyle and medication are all factors that play a part in whether one has acne or not. Acne is very obvious on the skin and therefore a fast-acting treatment is needed to keep it at bay. This treatment is to: kill bacteria, regulate excessive sebum production, speed up the skin keratinization process with anti-inflammatory effect, prevent it from recurring and pore refining.

3) Oriental Lingzhi QuickBright Skin Treatment

Skin radiance and anti-aging treatment that prevents the complexion appear dull and lifeless.

After just one session, skin takes on a brighter, smoother and more luminous complexion. Brown spots are visibly lighter, giving an instant look of freshness and clarity.

This program contains the Nata de Coco Biocellulose Brightening Mask to significantly illuminate skin complexion. A potent cocktail of highly concentrated nano-technologically extracted lingzhi extract and brightening actives repairs and revitalizes the skin like never before!

4) Wishpro Encaplsuted Treatment

  • World 1st & Only Capsuled Skin Treatment
  • Non-invasive and Aesthetic effect for Hyaluronic/Botox/Neodermyl® delivery system

A revolutionary concept in skin care treatment uniquely designed to tighten and tone skin almost instantly! MIT creates magnetic pulses which then converts to a mild electrical energy field. It is this field that allows the heads and capsules to infuse vital serums deep into the skin.

5) Indiba Face + Hair Scalp Treatment

Medical aesthetic grade treatment

Result proven treatment with medical papers/researches

WOW! Is the only wellness salon in the east with Indiba Deep Beauty

INDIBA Deep Beauty is a non-invasive technology, which has been around for more than 35 years. The Proionic System® increases cellular metabolism and rebalances cells during treatments.
From the first session with INDIBA® skin tissue recovers lost elasticity, there is an increase in production of collagen and elastin, fat decreases, blood flow is increased, and the skin begins regeneration.