1. Definitions and Interpretations

“Customer “ refers to Customer of W.O.W! Pte Ltd stated in the Tax Invoice; “Guest“ refers to guest(s) invited by the Customer to visit the Company’s Facility; “Fees” refers to the sums payable in respect of products and service at such rates may be applicable;  “Service” refers to hand-on treatments that include facial, body parts slimming/massage, hair removal and scalp treatment; “Company” refers to W.O.W! Pte Ltd; “Facility” refers to any facility managed by W.O.W! Pte Ltd; and “Privileges” refers to any benefits, discount, packages, promotion and any other privileges extended by the Company to the Customer from time to time. The Company is a GST registered company. (GST Reg No. 201915460K).

2. Fees

Notice of prevailing Fees shall be published in official brochures, or included in any publicity material in any medium (including but not limited to emails or the internet) as the company deems fit. Any change in the Fees shall be effective from dates stipulated in such notices.

Unless otherwise stated, Fees shall be stated in the currency of Singapore.

Each Customer must make full payment of the Fees in relation to all ala-carte treatments and retail products and services.

3. Termination of Agreement

The Company reserves the right in its sole discretion to refuse in its entry; remove any Customer; or to terminate any package agreement with a Customer who in the opinion of the Company’s management:
(a) has committed a criminal offense on the Facility premises;
(b) has displayed unbecoming or uncivil behaviors within the Facility premises
(C) has failed to observe or comply with any terms, conditions, rules and regulations of the Facility;
(d) has acted in any manner that is abusive or offensive to the employees of the Facility or towards other customers
(e) Upon the termination of the package agreement, all rights and privileges of any Customer shall cease with immediate effect.

4. Customer’s Responsibilities and Liabilities

(a) Bookings / Appointments

Advance bookings / appointments are required unless otherwise notified or stated.

The Company reserves the right to reschedule any bookings / appointments should Customer be late for their bookings / appointments beyond 30 minutes. Rebooking is subject to availability of appointment slots.

(b) Pricing of Goods & Services

The Company adheres to pricing transparency for all charges including any additional top up services. A la carte price lists for product and treatment services may be requested for reference from the Company’s personnel. For the avoidance of doubt, if any pre-paid products and services have been rendered obsolete by the Company prior to redemption of the purchase(s), the Company shall replace them with similar products and services of equivalent purchase price(s). The Company ensures that all retail products are of satisfactory quality and within validity date of “good” usage at the point of sale.

(c) Deposits / Cancellations / Validity

Full payment or an initial deposit of 25% of the purchase price will be required to confirm any Customer reservations and is valid for (24) months from date of purchase. There shall strictly be no refunds cancellations or exchange for all purchases. Any request by Customer to transfer the purchased products and services is at the sole and final decision of the Company. Any amendments and transfer of products and services purchased may be subject to additional fee payable by Customer at the absolute decision of the Company. For avoidance of doubt, if any pre-paid products or services have been rendered obsolete by the Company prior to redemption of the purchases, the Company shall replace them with similar products or services of equivalent price or higher. Services that have been utilized or products that have been consumed cannot be returned, refunded, exchanged or transferred. Strictly no refund except for medical grounds with satisfactory documentary evidence produced to support the claim. Under such circumstances, as our prepaid package(s) are priced at a discounted rate, Customers who had already partially consumed portions of the prepaid package service(s) will be accorded a Refund after deducting the regular ala carte price of the service(s) that the Customer had already consumed. Refund will take the form of Company credits which can be used towards purchase of Company beauty products, unless on medical grounds product purchase is not an option, the balance of the repayment will be returned within 30 days.

(d) Payment Terms

Full payment of purchases is required upon confirmation of purchase and issuance of the Tax Invoice. Customers have a choice of making payment by cash, NETS, credit card and installments plans

4.2 Should any injury or medical conditions arise that appear to require medical attention (in the opinion of any staff of the Facility or Company) during their visit the Company shall, on behalf of the Customer call and request for medical help.

4.3 The Company shall not be responsible or held liable for any or all cost, expenses, loss, or claims that may arise from or in relation to medical assistance or treatment required by the Customer. Any or all such cost, expenses, loss or claims shall be the total and full responsibility of the Customer.

4.4 Where any Customer damages or breaks any facility, equipment or any other part of the property of the Facility, such Customer shall be liable for the entire cost of necessary repairs or replacements. Such costs shall be assessed by the Company whose decision shall be final and conclusive.

4.5 Each Customer shall ensure, prior to any visit, to be in good health and sufficient state of physical fitness.

4.6 Each Customer shall be personally responsible for the personal safety of the Customer at all times within the Facility.

5. Miscellaneous

5.1 The Company may at any time in its own discretion and without prior notice, amend, vary or add to the rules, regulations, benefits, privileges, terms, conditions and use of the Facility and equipment as may from time to time be enjoyed by the Customers. The Company may do so by sending the Customer a notice or by issuing a notice that can be viewed at any of the Facility or on the Facility website or by any other method that the Company deems fit. Such variations take effect from when they are stated to take effect whether or not the Customers are aware of them.

5.2 The Company shall not be responsible for the safekeeping, loss, theft or damage of any Customer’s belongings.

6. Confidentiality of Information/ Personal Data

6.1 The Company agrees to keep confidential all personal particulars, information, treatment records and transactions of the Customer.

6.2 The Company is authorized by the Customer to use, store and transfer, as the Company’s management may consider necessary, the Customer’s personal information and details to all such persons, including but is not limited to, its employees, affiliates, agents, or partners of the Company and its group of companies for any and all purposes in connection with such services or for the purposes of promoting, improving and furthering the provision of the Company’s products and services to the Customer. This includes marketing and promotion of the Company’s new products and services by way of: (a) phone calls; (b) mobile / text messaging ( including SMS and MMS ); (c) sending newsletters and marketing materials by ways of emails, or direct mail; and (d) participation in promotions and contests.

7. Policy for Trial Offer(s)

Valid for first time customers to W.O.W! Pte Ltd and Customers who have not visited for the past 12 months.

Customers must be aged 21 years and above. Any age below 21 years must be accompanied by a Customer who is 21 years and above in order to utilize the trial together with the Customer.

Trial offer(s) are open to Singapore citizens, PRs, WP, SP and EP holders only.

Prior booking of appointments is required.

Please produce the original receipt / promotion collateral and identify card / employment pass on appointment date.

Treatment(s) are to be completed on a single visit.

All trial offer(s) are non refundable and non- exchangeable.

Trial offer(s) are valid for three months unless otherwise stated.

8. Limitation of Liability

The Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury to the Customer In whatsoever way arising, during or in connection with treatment or otherwise, unless caused by our gross negligence.

By The Management of
W.O.W! Pte Ltd