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We are the only wellness salon in the East offering W.O.W! Deep Beauty.

It’s completely non-invasive and delivers results proven by medical researchers in numerous medical journals.

It’s all about, and created for, YOU – with love.

First time facial Singapore

Indiba FaceLift Treatment

INDIBA® is the market leader in radiofrequency treatments, accelerating the natural recovery… Find Out More

MP2 Regeneration

Power FaceLift Treatment

Lift and reshape your face without surgical intervention.We apply radio frequency…. Read more


SmartTech IPL Facial Treatment

Need a quick skin revitalisation? This non-ablative resurfacing technique targets the lower layers of your… Read more

Radiance Essential Treatment

InstaNourish Skin Treatment

This treatment targets skin that is dehydrated, rough and sometimes pigmented. With… Read more

Fastlift Skin Treatment

FastLift Skin Treatment

Give yourself a face-lift with our customised skin lifting program that includes rejuvenation with a Multi-Peptide… Read more

TCM Guasha Face Detox

Quick Bright Facial Treatment

As we age, so do our skin cells. With this treatment, you don’t have to worry about dull and lifeless skin any longer!… Read more

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Cryo Glow Facial Treatment

Stimulate and preserve your skin cells while conditioning at the same time. This full aesthetics… Read more

First time facial Singapore

WishPro RevitE Facial Treatment

Give your skin the W.O.W! effect with this non-invasive, aesthetic-like treatment for the.. Read more

Collagen Plus_pexels-gustavo-fring

Collagen Plus Facial Treatment

If you think about it, what would be the best treatment to nourish and moisturize your skin?…Find Out More

First time facial Singapore

Pre+Probiotics Treatment

Skin microbiome is the make-up of all the good and bad bacteria that live on skin. The more balanced…. Find Out More

First time facial Singapore

W.O.W! Meridian Detox Treatment

This one-of-a-kind exclusive treatment developed by W.O.W! uses traditional Chinese techniques from TCM known… Read more